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PythonParts Generator is Released!

PythonParts Generator, the latest release of the flexible Allplan CAD toolbox from ALLTO, is now available for Allplan 2024/2023/22/21.

The new version introduces new modelling tools, a speed boost for Structural Engineers and Architects’ workflows, and better drafting 3D parametric modeling tools. 

This pythonparts generator, which appears to work a bit like Revit Family by allowing Allplan users create a group of components used to build a model, for example, walls, windows, stairs, doors, bathrooms, fixtures, showers, etc., with a common set of properties, or parameters, and a related graphical representation.

Allplan users can save their 3D modeling as PythonParts, enabling easy sharing within teams, companies, or the wider community.

Build your own Allplan pythonparts library without coding!

Creating parametric 3D object

Creating parametric 3D reinforcement detailing

Create parametric stirrup reinforcement detailing in Allplan without coding!

Create parametric straight rebar in Allplan without coding!

Rebars can be grouped by the same properties such as bar diameter, bending shape, dimensions, material, spacing and so on.

Creating T-BEAM from parametric 3D model, parametric rebar detailing to section and labeling

Create parametric 3D T-BEAM model in Allplan without coding!

Create parametric straight rebar in Allplan without coding!

Creating sections for T-Beam reinforcement by ALLTO pythonparts generator

You now can create your own Allplan pythonparts libraries without coding!

Allplan’s users have asked ALLTO to customize and tailor specific 3D objects to their unique requirements, providing a personalized experience which Allplan software is lacking of for non-programming users. Even Allplan has many PythonParts are available, however, these still cannot cover all users need.

Create different types of 3D parametric objects: the tool has the ability to draw, design, model structures and modify the parametric objects depending on your own needs. It is the solution architects and engineers have been looking for in Allplan.

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