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how to install automated column reinforcement

Column Reinforcement

Automated Add-in for ALLPLAN

In production stage, Structural Column reinforcement detailing is a time consuming process when it comes to drafting. This ALLPLAN PythonParts created here automates the concrete dimensions in addition to the vertical bars of a structural column Cross-Section.


Strip footing reinforcement for allplan users

Strip Footings Reinforcement

Automated Add-in for ALLPLAN

The Edge Reinforcement python part is used for detailing walls by connecting two walls to each other in ALLPLAN.
Wall to wall connection – Edge shape included: Collinear;  L-shaped; T-shaped; intersect-shaped Walls.


Automated beam Reinforcement in ALLPLAN

BEAM Reinforcement

Automated Add-in for ALLPLAN

Reinforcement details of concrete beams and slabs should specify clearly about cover to reinforcement, length of reinforcement, curtailment of reinforcement, number and diameter of reinforcement to be provided.

  • Main straight bars
  • Main cranked bars
  • Hanger bars
  • Stirrups