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Our technical support team has been asked lots of questions about ALLPLAN Pythonparts by Allplan users and our solutions have been stored in a knowledge database.

Featured PythonParts questions and our solutions (FAQs)

Yes, we’ll customize software for you when needed. What’s more, you can contribute to the good of the entire ALLTO Community by initiating innovations that other ALLPLAN users also need.

We constantly improve products based on the wish lists of our clients. If we see that a new function created at the request of one client will also benefit other users, then we’ll do that work for free and incorporate it in a new build of the product. In other cases we develop enhancements for individual clients on a confidential basis and for a fee. Either way we always welcome client wishes.

A great way to get whatever functionality you’re missing is to become our client! We’re here to listen to you. We welcome your ideas and requests concerning further development of our products. HERE >>

Yes. We’re not just qualified engineers. We’re BIM enthusiasts! We really love every opportunity to assess new situations, to advise clients on how to resolve problems that have arisen in a specific project, how to eliminate workarounds in ALLPLAN and get more value from BIM. Do contact us, we’re glad to help.

We provide individual support for all clients. We’re available for consultation by e-mail, telephone or online meeting. If you have questions that need a quick response, write us at We strive to answer time-sensitive questions on the same working day and always within 24 hours (excluding weekends). 

Yes, we offer consultations not only on PythonParts made by ALLTO but also regarding the use of ALLPLAN software.

Use the application properly and effectively. Take advantage of individual training sessions and additional consulting. Use our free E-Help learning resources, including step-by-step video tutorials, user guides, online expert tips, webinar recordings, and more. Specially knowledge about PythonParts.

We’ll show you how to start and most effectively use the chosen solution or tool in your own context. Each session is led by a qualified application engineer who’s also a Certified ALLPLAN Professional with abundant BIM project experience. So besides product-specific training, they can also answer questions about specifics of a client’s project.

As a licensed user, you get free technical support (installation assistance, updates and patches, resolution of any bugs or software problems, access to new and previous versions) and E-Help, self-learning materials (product documentation, video tutorials, expert tips, etc.).

One license key can use for only one PC. If you use it for another PC you will get the following error:
” Failed to activate product key: GERSF-RTEFD-ERTWQ-TUYIO:

One license key can use for only one PC

Contact us if you want to block the old key and get new key.

One license key can use for many ALLPLAN version. But sometime you may get the following error: “Cannot activate the new devices as the limit has been reached.”

Please watch this video to resolve it.

When you get an unknown error, please do the following steps to help us find it:

  • Go to Windows → Allmenu → Service  Allplan logging (trace) → [ X ] Write to “Allplan.out” file

unknown error - by ALLTO

  • Open this folder

unknown error1 - by ALLTO

  • Send us the file

unknown error2 - by ALLTO

With Column, Opening and Strip Foundation reinforcement tool, an Interface will appear after you double click to the tool’s icon. 

But with Beam, Wall Edge and Wall reinforcement tool, the Interface will appear after you double click and follow the instructions at below-left corner. 

How do the allplan pytohnparts-allplantools work

How to get Cross-section Catalogs? Watch the video HERE >>

When you get an error such as: can not choose diameter or change steel grade for rebar, don’t know how to import your standard cross-section, mesh,. 

How to change steel grade for rebars? Watch the video here >>

This error occurred because there are duplicated openings in your model. Please delete them before creating the reinforcement. Watch video here >>

When you import Cross-section catalogs and get error: tool stop working, can’t change steel grade for rebars or Mesh,… It may be because this problem: CrossSectionName in your Cross-section catalogs contain special characters. 

To fix this error, change CrossSectionName in Cross-section catalogs into UNICODE characters before importing. Watch video here >>

It is a very useful button quick define allto square 1 - by ALLTO for saving time to define different rebars! 

Watch video here how to use it >>

Whenever you want, you can “reset user default” for the tools. That can make the tools reset all data and settings to the first time you install them.

Watch video here how to use it >>

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